• Feb 20

    The American Rescue Dog show is on and me and the fur boys are all snuggled in, safe and secure from the high winds! I watch them some times when they are sleeping so peacefully with the tiniest of smiles on their faces and my heart swells up with so much love and tenderness. As I stare at them I realize that they look to me to protect them, to keep them safe from the elements, to provide them with food and fresh water and to treat them with kindness. Then I smile and realize that they actually never demand any of those things and that all they want to do is be at my side, protecting and watching over me and showering me with love :-)

    Mystical and magical creatures they are and perhaps, just perhaps, they really are " angels with fur sent from above" to teach us the true, simple meaning of life and unconditional love. As I move in closer, they all raise their sleepy little heads and wag their tails as I gently kiss their cold, wet noses and whisper one by one " you are my dog, a true blessing and gift from the heavens above, and I love you" <3 tw, LNPB

    Good night sweet Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

  • Feb 19

    Somebody wants my attention ❤️

  • Feb 19

    New blog post is up! The Year of the Dog. Learn a little something about our own pups: https://leavenopawsbehind.blogspot.com/2018/02/2018-is-year-of-dog.html

  • Feb 19

    #scenesfromabathmat Raven joined us again. Quin will be home today and all will be right in Ravens world 😉 they are my dogs and I love them 😍 fw ~ LNPB

  • Feb 19

    WE ARE ON COUNT DOWN TO 3/1 WHEN THIS LITTLE FELLA BOARDS THE Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. FREEDOM RIDE to his promise of tomorrow and a brand new life! We will be going to visit him this week to assure him his freedom and new life are only 10 wake ups away <3 Let's gift him with a name Villagers <3

    We ask ourselves day in and day out " who does this ?!" Well who does this indeed! He was found dumped in the trash in a plastic bag at the very tender age of 12 years old and left to die :-( We were made aware of this little old man yesterday AND as of right now, Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. has placed our loving paw prints on him (CTA) so he will be safe! Now he has a chip and has been placed on " stray/chip hold" until 3/1/18. If no owner can be found he will board the LNPB Freedom ride on March 1st :-)

    We will be in need of a loving foster in the So Ca area, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

  • Feb 19


    Don't miss the " 2018 American Rescue Dog Show " Monday 2/19/18 at 5PM PST( 8PM EST) on the Hallmark Channel! Guess who made the cut! Look what we received!

    " Hi Toby, Rambo made it into the video for the Hallmark show! About 1 hour and 20 minutes (1:20 ) in to the show we are playing a tribute to special needs dogs and Rambo is in it! Wanted you to know just in case you wanted to spread the word. Thank you for sending the video. The American Rescue Dog Show airs Feb 19th at 8 pm PST on the Hallmark Channel. xo"

  • Feb 19


    OMD Canela has come such a long way! For a dog whose owner says " she don't do nothing anymore" she is now running, jumping and playing! She is feeling so much better and would love nothing more then a quiet home where she can feel safe and just lounge around!

    Due to her being deaf, she appears to get stressed easily when things get busy/hectic, so we think she would be best with a male senior dog or two. She will need a home that will allow her to just decompress and keep to herself while she acclimates and learn to trust again. Canela is looking for her Valentine foster in the Los Angeles area: info@leavenopawsbehind.co

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