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LNPB needs your help!!!! Vet bills are continually challenging our medical slush fund because of the type of urgent care that is often necessary for our seniors and special need rescues, many of which have been severely neglected.

Please help us give the gift of life and the promise of tomorrow to these very special animals. No amount is to small and all amounts help save lives and are tax deductible. Donate Now.

I get asked so many times how I can do what I do along with why I would rescue an animal knowing that it had to be PTS. I have learned there is so much more to rescue than simply pulling an animal to safety and placing it in a good home.

The rescue begins with the pull however that is only the beginning of what can sometimes be a very long journey for the animal who is being saved. We have had several cases where we rescued an animal who had to be hospitalized for over 30 days. We never, ever give up on an animal when we feel in our hearts they stand a fighting chance.

The bitter sweet side of rescue are the ones who are terminal and we know will not make it to see tomorrow. The ones who we have to carry out of the shelters, the ones who are riddled with cancer, the ones who have lost all control of their bodily functions, the forgotten ones who have been left at the shelter, alone, suffering with no hope of ever leaving. They are the ones who are truly left behind, our precious seniors.

LNPB is an 11th hour all breed foster based rescue specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs, and, when possible, we will pull an animal to safety when no one else steps up and all hope is lost. We cannot leave them behind to die alone and forgotten. It does not matter to us if they have 1 day, 1 week, 1 year or 1 hour of life left in them and we don’t care if they are deemed “unadoptable”. What we do care about is the quality of life we can give them in the end and the love and companionship we can offer them so they do not die alone and wondering. LNPB never boards any of our rescues nor do we make or determine any medical decisions regarding our rescues. We have them all immediately vetted and rely on the expertise of our trained and skilled DVM’s.

Yes it is heartbreaking and yes, most days I wonder how I can do what I do. However, the bigger question I ask myself is: “How can I sit back and do nothing?”

Yes. Rescue is bitter sweet, however, the rewards are so gratifying. To see an animal we have rescued restored to health and walk away with a new loving family or to watch an aging senior live out their life with our loving fosters is priceless. To be at the side of a dying animal and hold them as I whisper how much they are loved and to have them, in their final moments gently lick my hand thanking me for finding them, well that my friends is what I have learned rescue is really all about…♥ tw,LNPB

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