• Feb 25, 2020

    Happy Monday from our very happy Pudge ❤️

  • A little Monday chuckle 😂😂😂😂😂
    Feb 25, 2020

    A little Monday chuckle 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Happy Monday ❤️ We can not think of a better way to start off the week by announcing we have a FOSTER FAIL
    Feb 24, 2020

    Happy Monday ❤️ We can not think of a better way to start off the week by announcing we have a FOSTER FAIL ❤️❤️🎉❤️🎉❤️🎉 This truly was a match made in heaven and we could not be more thrilled for Tyler, Treasure and their now forever mommy and daddy ❤️ Happy Tails TnT ❤️❤️❤️ #LNPBFOSTERFAIL #ADOPTED #togetherforever

    Feb 24, 2020



    Shelter plea: “A1571035 is flagged for medical RED weighing 52 lbs. This dog was attacked by its kennel mate and now has bite wounds to the neck and ears. Medical notes indicate that dog is overall geriatric at 8 years old, not neutered. Worn teeth. Abnormal gait on hind limbs, possibly arthritic. Friendly. Lungs clear. Both eyes lenticular sclerosis. Pelvic limbs with mild weakness, no pain elicited during palpation. Since attack, dog has been depressed in the kennel. Please let me know if you can make a rescue commitment, thank you!”

    ‼️ Status: RED‼️

    BRINKLEY #A1571035

    I am a male, brown and black Shepherd mix.
    The shelter staff think I am about 8 years old.
    I have been at the shelter since Jan 31, 2020.
    My stray holding period ended on 02/05/2020 and I am now available for adoption.


    Shelter notes:
    Shelter address:
    6851 Van Buren Boulevard
    Riverside, California 92509
    Phone: 951-358-7387
    M-F 11am-6pm
    Saturday 11am-5pm
    Closed on major holidays
    Shelter does not answer phones on Saturday

    Rescue department:
    Rescue phone: 951-358-7302
    Rescue email: rescue@rivco.org
    Rescue desk phone is unavailable on weekends however, rescues may physically go to the shelter to rescue on Saturday between normal business hours.

    Adoption fees are based on length of stay:
    1-15 days $105
    16-30 days $55
    Over 30 days $20
    All dogs listed as needs rescue are adoptable for $20 regardless of length of stay with signed behavioral or medical waiver.
    There are NO fees for rescue pulls.


  • Feb 23, 2020

    Meet Rambo, our founders inspiration for the new LNPB LOW COST VETERINARY CLINIC ❤️ Toby believes no family should ever have to choose between life and death for their beloved pet due to lack of medical funds ❤️ Please join us on 3/14/2020 for our GRAND OPENING ❤️🎉

  • Happy Sunday from a few of our Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.
    Feb 23, 2020

    Happy Sunday from a few of our Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. foster fur family members <3

  • So there is a wedding at my neighbors across the street!
    Feb 22, 2020

    So there is a wedding at my neighbors across the street! The entire bridal party arrived in this! While I was taking this photo I spoke with the groom and a few of his friends who were having a blast and they invited me over 😂😂😂

    What I really wanted was a ride in this gigantic limo 😂😂😂 Wouldn’t it be great to arrive in that for the Grand Opening 😂😂😂

    Oh did I mention the dogs are not happy at all 😂😂😂

  • Feb 22, 2020

    What happened to the little senior named Sunshine that was able to be released today? I can't find any updated info on her.

  • Feb 21, 2020

    “ Geeezzzz mom, did you have to tell everyone I was full of poop?” 😂😂😂

    In the docs own words “ Alfie’s blood work is AWESOME” 😄 He aced his exam, the steroids have been decreased again and next they will be decreasing the chemo med that suppresses his immune system. We are waiting for the specialist to read his x rays HOWEVER appears his belly was full of food and feces BECAUSE he had just eaten before his appt and did not potty, he solved that little problem once he got home 😂😂😂

    Now he has been going every week to have his blood/platelets tested, and as we progress his meds have been getting adjusted/decreased, the goal being eventually we can pull him off everything and see how he does, that is a ways down the road though 🙏🙏🙏 He will go back next week to test after this adjustment then won’t have to go back for 2 weeks!

    Once the report is back on his x rays, we will have an update on his spleen 🙏🙏 He is a very happy, sweet and loving dog and if you have not followed him from the beginning, you would think there is nothing wrong with him! He was hours away from death almost 2 months ago, I asked for only 24 hours, that turned into days, weeks and now months and he is doing great ❤️ His will to live, along with excellent medical care has gotten him right to where he is today!

    Now by no means is he out of the woods, Doc tells me the regulation of his meds is crucial to his well being AND she tells me if he does not stay monitored he could die 😩 She did tell me she is so grateful he is here with us because she knows she does not have to worry about his home care and staying on track 🤗

    A huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated for his on going care, it takes a village to save a life and this little fella is so grateful he got a second chance at life thanks to all of you ❤️ He needed for someone to listen and hear him, he needed a voice and he needed someone who “ was hard to get rid of” in his corner. He needed all of us and today this boy continues to enjoy his gift of life and love knowing how much his life matters ❤️ tw, LNPB #Alfie

    Feb 20, 2020

    WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL! Thank you to everyone who donated to help us continue to help Alfie ❤️

    ALFIE NEEDS YOUR HELP! Alfie’s fund has run dry, he goes in once a week for blood tests and today he needs an x-ray, total estimate $274.50 🙏🙏🙏 His abdomen is swollen and hard 😞 Please help us continue to help him, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤️


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