SAFE 102!!!!

Feb 7, 2014

(¯`•.•´¯)¸•´¯`♥ TO BE DESTROYED 2/7/14
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Reading Saadya's owner intake sheet is an exercise in frustration. Her betrayers were asked, "What kind of home would be best for this dog" and they responded "FAMILY," as if she didn't already HAVE a family that she was completely devoted to. Saadya loved those people with her heart and soul, but they thought so little of her that they chucked her into a kill shelter as casually as most people recycle aluminum cans, all because they were unwilling to make time for her. Now Saadya needs new people who will make time for her, or her time will end at the hands of the ACC, tomorrow. She has a great SAFER, but may be dog selective, so she must be rescued through a New Hope approved rescue. Please move heaven and earth to help this lovely dog, tonight.

Brooklyn Center

My name is SAADYA. My Animal ID # is A0990679.

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