Gone but NOT Forgotten 24

Jan 10, 2013

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Look at Frankie's big ole smile! It's radiating, along with his wide eyes saying hey, here I am, come get me! Frankie managed to put on a good front when it came to picture taking however he didn't do very well on his 4 on the dog-to-dog portion of his SAFER, which shows that he did not enjoy the company of the helper dogs he has been exposed to. But remember, Frankie is in the Shelter, with alot of busy going on, there are barking dogs, the stress level is huge and he is out of his element, which landed him a "New Hope" Rescue only rating. Is that any reason for this wide eyed, smiling guy to die? This black cutie pie deserves to live. He has done nothing wrong, he reacted to plastic hands and a bunch of tests that he didn't like due to the environment he is in. Please save Frankie, who wouldn't want to be greeted with this grin, those eyes at the end of a lousy workday? I know I would. Jump on Frankie's thread and FIND out how to save this sweet soul's life before he is dragged to "that" room tomorrow. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose....you save a life and you are his hero!


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