SAFE 102!!!!

Feb 12, 2014

¸.•*´¨) .TO BE DESTROYED 2/12/14 .*(`“•.¸
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×°×°×°×°× STEELER ×°×°×°×°× how could you say no to him?
A volunteer writes: Coming at the end of football season, the football fans will think Steeler (Pittsburgh). I think of 'steeler' of my heart..... A gorgeous brindle, muscular, low rider, Steeler had me at hello. His coat shines, his nails are trimmed, his weight good for his size, so it's hard to understand why Steeler was found tied to a pole. Likely housetrained he 'went' as soon as we were out the door, sits when asked to and takes treats gently. As of this writing he is still a bit tense in his new surroundings, and needs some time to adjust to the change in his life. The real adjustment we would like to see, of course, is a new home with a loving family. Steeler is ready to score a touchdown in your heart. Another volunteer writes: What a difference a day made!!! The nervous, shy boy my fellow volunteer walked is gone and the mushy meatball I met today is clearly the 'real' Steeler; a tail-wagging, snuggle-giving, dog-loving little chunky monkey with great looks and an open, friendly personality. In other words, he's a dream pet! Steeler is fine with being dressed in a cozy coat, he walks very well on leash and out in the yard he's thrilled to meet some fellow pups through the fence, wagging his tail and wiggling his cutie patootie as they greet each other nose-to-nose. When I sit on the bench and call him over he barrels right onto my lap for more snuggles and after he sits politely for a treat (such a soft mouth!) I lean down to say 'kiss kiss' and Steeler obliges me with some gentle face licks. Meet him once and I'm sure you'll agree, this small 'n' solid loverboy is simply irresistible! Pittsburgh's Steelers may be champions on the football field but no one is a bigger star than our Steeler and he's all ready and waiting to win your heart today!

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