SAFE 101!!!!

Jan 29, 2014

A volunteer writes: Jaylo is a stunning beauty and she stands proudly in her snow white coat, two-tone amber eyes glowing with a warmth and longing that I'm powerless to resist - yes, we are definitely going for a walk! Don't be fooled by her serious face, this friendly girl is actually a happy-go-lucky lover of people and dogs (big or small) and so eager to get out and explore her world, sniffing anything and everything as we make our way down the street. Though Miss J may have the luxurious looks of a star, she's no demanding diva and the only requests she makes are slow strolls, plenty of hugs and every so often, a few yummy treats to reward her for being such a good dog. She sits nicely for snacks or the ball and when the mood takes her will even get up and 'beg' on her hind legs - too cute!

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