Aug 26, 2018

WE ARE ONLY $305.00 AWAY FROM REACHING OUR GOAL TO CONTINUE TO HELP LITTLE FRANK. No amount is to small and all amounts are tax deductible <3

ADORABLE LIL FRANK NEEDS YOUR HELP! Oh he is acute as a button and docs think this poor little fella was hit by a car and he also suffers with a skin and ear infection :-(

We received an estimate of $961.66-$1,133.23 which includes blood work, fecal, skin scaping, cytology, x rays, meds and hospital stay. We have $350.00 left over from Dougie which we are going to pay forward so we only need $ 611.66-$783.23 to reach our goal. Please help us continue to help lil Frank, no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible <3


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