Apr 14, 2021


It is no secret that day in and day out you will always see me post
" BELIEVE", "NEVER GIVE UP" , " WHAT IF", "MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY" and most importantly, " 24 HOURS AT A TIME". I tend to forget that at times when I am too close to a situation, such as the case with Alfie. I have to say that I have been reading ALL of your comments, and I see my very own words and beliefs in every single post I have read and I cannot thank you all enough for doing for me what I could not do for myself today ❤ I am filled with such love and gratitude for all of you and I was telling a friend of mine earlier today that no matter what the outcome, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that somehow, someway, after all these years, I am perhaps making a small difference in the lives of animals and humans alike. That is a gift I have been given behind this dark and gloomy cloud right now and from the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you ❤

I will start by saying, though he is far from being out of the woods and his condition is very critical, Alfie is stable, he has no fever and he is eating, there is maybe a 9-10% improvement since this morning. Now the irony in all of this is the Doc I spoke with today is the exact same Doc I spoke with a year ago when Alfie was rescued and admitted to ER. If you all recall, at the time the Doc told me " I know you are a rescue with limited resources and I would suggest humane euthanasia", to which I replied, " can we give him 24 hours?", to which she replied " that's fair ". Now that's when Alfie's DVM at the time told this specialist " Toby is hard to get rid of when it comes to her rescues care".

Now, one year and a few months later, we are having the EXACT same conversation about the EXACT same dog today along with the issue of resources for a rescue. While Alfie's current condition is a complete mystery to the best specialists around, he continues to fight and has a will to live. I asked the Doc if we can give him 24 hours and she agreed and I told her to send me the estimate for the next 24 hours. NOW are you all sitting down?! When we hung up I got this text almost immediately " Hi, Toby. All of our charges are in for today and you have enough to cover tonight's shift (a grand and some change). So, I will reach out to you tomorrow to update financials when we know what the next plan is and collect any additional deposits. Dee Dee". Divine intervention ? Perhaps, or perhaps it was a sign letting me know that 24 more little hours, though unknown and critical, have been taken out of my hands and, that just for tonight, I do not have to make any decision.

They have switched up his medication, they are reducing his immune suppressing medications to try and allow his natural immune system to fight this off and they are doing everything possible to help him. I told the Doc that I will worry for that middle of the night phone call and she said " I don't think that will happen because he is stable and all eyes are on him at all times".

I admit, I am struggling to have hope or find comfort as I know he is very sick and yet somehow, at least for right now, I am at peace knowing, that no matter what, this little fella has touched so many lives and has so many prayers and he is so loved. Yes Alfie, no matter what, I know you know how much your life matters and how very loved you are by so many. As long as you can find the strength to keep on going, we are going to be here right by your side. I love you little man, you truly taught me " what it is really all about Alfie", love, kindness, determination and the power of prayer ❤ tw, LNPB


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