Apr 7, 2019

All paws raised in prayer for sweet Butters 🙏 He is getting ready to undergo the first of quite a few procedures to cleanse and flush out his wounds and remove dead and burnt skin 😩 His blood work came back with WBC count that was through the roof, he is a tad bit anemic, his glucose was a little low and his kidney values a tad bit elevated 😩

He was not as peppy this morning and did not have much of an appetite, if needed we will insert a feeding tube. Doc said we are doing everything possible for him and now it’s up to him to hang in with us 🙏🙏 Tomorrow we will be reaching out to DVM John Angus from the Animal Dermatology Clinic Pasadena to discuss skin graffes if needed. They worked miracles with Rambo so he would be in the best of hands ❤️

Please, please continue to keep Butters in your thoughts and prayers 🙏❤️🙏❤️

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