Alley was the most amazing dog ❤️ She came to me at a time in my life when I needed a loyal and trusted friend.

Nov 27, 2019

Alley was the most amazing dog ❤️ She came to me at a time in my life when I needed a loyal and trusted friend. She was so “ human like” and knew when I was worried, sad or just had a bad day. She would come to me, lay her head on my lap and suddenly all was right in my world again ❤️ Losing Alley after 13 wonderful years by my side was devastating, my heart shattered in a million little pieces and I did not think I would ever be able to do LNPB again, my heart could not bear any more pain 😩 Little did I know at the time, she had a plan and his name was Chauncy ❤️

Chauncy came to me in 2011 and he was my very first “ little dog” ever ❤️ He and Alley formed an instant bond and oh how he adored her. When we had to say good bye to her, he was devastated. He would carry her bone ever so gently and place it right next to his in his bed 💔 He made me realize that I was not the only one in pain, he needed me as much as I needed him ❤️ He was my rock and that same year he became ill with diabetes. Alley knew that I would get out of my own way and move heaven and earth to take care of him. She knew my heart would once again be able to love without sadness and pain ❤️

In August my little man left me and one more time my heart shattered 💔 For being such a little dog he had such a huge presence and for 8 wonderful years he never left my side. The only consolation I could find was knowing that he was now reunited with his “ girl” ❤️ He too knew that his mom would be ok knowing I was in good paws with Rambo and Pops ❤️

This Thanksgiving as I give thanks for my many blessings I will look to the skies for their two shining and bright stars that continue to watch over and guide me. I will thank them for the many years I was blessed with them by my side. Though my heart still aches, I have once again learned , as difficult as it is, “ to not cry because it’s over, but to smile because it happened” ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, until we meet again, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving ❤️#foreverinmyheart

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