Oct 3, 2019

ANGELICA NEEDS YOUR HELP! She was scheduled to die tonight at 7:00 PM, WELL GUESS WHAT??? At 7:00 PM tonight , instead of dying alone and wondering, she will have a full belly, a soft cozy bed AND the PROMISE OF TOMORROW ❤️ Not tonight sweet girl, not tonight ❤️

My all time favorite life saving VMD Missy Achenbach from The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks told me that in spite of the mammaries, eyes, emaciation and mats, Angelica is “ hardy”, very sweet AND was hungry ❤️ Cathi Perez waited at the vets just in case so she wouldn’t be alone HOWEVER I just got off the phone and told her “ not tonight hon, not tonight, you can go home”, and we were both in tears ❤️

Cathi and I make a great team, she told me I was the only one she called and, meeting or not, I ALWAYS take Cathi’s messages ❤️

Now make no mistake, Angelica has a lot going on so we are going to take one step and one day at a time ❤️ We received an intial estimate of $671.00 for all tests and immediate care. Depending on results, we will know if surgery is possible and we will receive that estimate tomorrow ❤️

I will be honest, it has been a rough month and I could not deal with having to put down another animal 💔 When I told that to Cathi, I heard her sadness when she said “ ok, I understand Toby” 😰 Then I took a deep breathe and told myself “ Toby, how can you let this poor dog, after all she has been through, die alone and frightened on a cold shelter floor “ 💔 The rest is history ❤️ Sleep well tonight sweet Angelica, no more worries, no more fears, not tonight sweet girl, not tonight ❤️ tw, LNPB


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