Jul 31, 2018

Another hot and busy day and we are ready for some much needed cuddle, couch and TV mommy and me time <3 Life with my 3 boys is so amazing, they each have very different personalities that make them so unique. Chauncy is a lover, he is the leader of the pack and he rules the roost :-) Popcorn is truly the happiest and most carefree dog I have ever known, he is so easy going and such a love :-) Rambo has become the protector and guardian of his little family and it is such a joy to watch him with them <3 Pops really likes him, Chauncy tolerates him however as time goes on I can see Chauncy softening up :-)

At times I will hold Chauncy so close and let him know that I know he still grieves Alley :-( He still carries her big bone with him and sleeps with it on her blanket, bless his little heart. He adored Alley and I let him know that Rambo is not here to take her place, he is here to help us all heal and that I believe Alley led us right to him :-) He will look up at me as if he understands each and every word, then he will sigh and rest his little head on my lap <3

Yes life with my 3 boys is an amazing adventure each and every day and though they are all so different, they all share one thing in common, yes they all know they are my dogs and that I love them all to the moon and back <3 tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3