“ Are you still gonna love me foster mommy ?

May 21, 2021

“ Are you still gonna love me foster mommy ?! I don’t have to leave do I ? “ Oh sweet little Hansel, no more worries, no more fears little man, no matter what, you will always be safe, loved and have a home right here at LNPB where your life matters ❤️

While the prognosis was not what we wanted to hear, it is what we expected 😩 Hansel had his consult today with the neurologist and Hansel’s injury is an old one and it has been determined he is not a candidate for surgery 😢 The good news though is we will begin hydrotherapy and acupuncture and of course we will keep him as comfortable as possible. We will measure him for a set of wheels and our FM ordered him a “drag bag” because he is so raw from dragging himself around.

He is the sweetest little dog and so happy to be alive and he knows he is safe, so loved and that his life matters right here at LNPB ❤️ We got this Hans, we promise ❤️

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