Jan 5, 2020

As I get ready to relax and cuddle with my boys, my heart can’t help but ache for this little fella 💔 He is gentle, sweet, neutered, loving and appears house trained. I just know someone loved him and he loved them right back 😩 He is sick and confused and just seems so forlorn 😩 Perhaps his human died and family or neighbors surrendered him. Perhaps his human could not afford his care or perhaps, well I could perhaps all night I suppose 😩

All I know and feel in my heart, that no matter the circumstances, his little heart is broken 💔 Time heals all little man and very soon you will have a new family that will just adore you, I promise ❤️

For tonight he knows he is safe from all harm, so loved and that his life matters ❤️ I know it's a struggle, but please hold on, tomorrow brings new hope and promise Alfie and it only gets better from here and I will be back tomorrow with a surprise visitor ❤️ Sleep well little man ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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