Aug 6, 2022

As we wind down Simba’s very special day I want to thank all of you for your continued love and support ❤️ Thanks to all of you, a little dog who lost all hope and was scheduled to die one year ago today, is now living the dream ❤️

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to believe and one year ago today, he had an entire village of believers, so many prayers and a reason to trust again ❤️ Perhaps it was divine intervention that led Simba to Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. that day or perhaps, just perhaps, it was two lost and broken hearts searching for a reason to BELIEVE in all that is good and kind in today’s world. Perhaps, just perhaps, two hearts and two lives were saved that day or perhaps, just perhaps, as Simba was scheduled to die, four very special fur angels whispered to Simba from above, “hold on , not today Simba, not today, we are sending our mommy to help” ❤️ tw, LNPB

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