Jan 3, 2020

BAM! Alfie is doing great and will be heading back to The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks 🤗 His platelets are 182k so he is well past the danger of bleeding out! His WBC is still extremely high and we are hoping to see those go down over the next week or so! His skin is looking great as well! I am going to let Alfie get settled in and hope to visit him later today ❤️ Pictures to follow soon ❤️

Again, huge and heart felt thank you to the entire staff at TrueCare for pets for taking such excellent care of our boy and to everyone who donated to help us continue to help him ❤️ We never gave up on him, he never gave up on us, and now, paw in hand, we continue his journey to recovery ❤️ THIS is “ What its all about Alfie “ ❤️❤️❤️

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