Just got back from an early morning visit with Bear!

Aug 20, 2013

Bear update! Just got off the phone with the good docs. Sadly the mass that engulfs Bear's nodes are extensive. It begins on his right side and travels deep into his groin area and Popliteal and lymph nodes are enlarged. Sadly his cancer is extremely advanced. He will spend a few more days in the hospital as we try to get him more comfortable and hopefully we will then be able to send him to hospice care as long as he is not suffering. Poor lil guy has had a rough time of it however we will do everything possible to assure he is comfortable. It is so sad that his humans abandoned him at his tender age in his time of need. We are here for him now and each day he knows how much he is loved and that his life matters. Please help us continue to help him. Estimates for the blood work and his hospital stay and treatment are $464-514. Thank you for helping us continue to help him.

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