Mar 9, 2019

Before I post BW results, let’s take a look at how Ollie got to be where he is today 😩 He was impounded to So La Shelter on 6/26/2018 and had an impound exam that showed “ moderate dental tarter and a mass in his anal area”. He was adopted on 9/8/2018 and exit exam showed “ moderate dental tarter and anal mass”. Lets move forward to 3/7/2019 when he was surrendered to Carson shelter and see what happened in just 6 short months 😩 Intake exam notes “ cloudy eyes, missing teeth, rubbery jaw, matted hair , anal mass AND possible heart condition “ 😩 Maggots and emaciation were not discovered until we had him at the vets 😩

So in short Ollie, who sat in the shelter for 3 months with no interest, left there in relatively good health with an adopter and over the course of 6 months lived a life of pure hell with no medical care or concern 😩 I became aware of Ollie’s plight when I saw the heart breaking video on 3/7, having no idea what his back story was. I was sure he would have a line of people to help him, so I waited until the following morning. I called to inquire about him and was told he had no interest, no inquiries, and as you know, the rest is history ❤️ Now make no mistake, over the years we have seen and rescued animals in worse condition then Ollie HOWEVER what makes his case so heart breaking is knowing his back story and the horror and suffering he has endured for the last 6 months 😩 We are so sorry that humans failed you 😩 The good news is he will never again know that pain and I promised him that his life will now be filled with only love and kindness from now on ❤️ tw, LNPB #justiceforOllie #seesomethingsaysomething #wearetheirvoice #theirlifematters

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