Mar 17, 2014

Can you help with this puppy? I know it is strange to place this request from one charity to another but maybe both can help? Something about this dog has tugged at me.

Michigan shepherd mix Jazz Boy has been the love of his family's life since they rescued him 10 years ago. He is suffering from a growth in his abdominal area, rapidly increasing in size, that the vet says needs to be removed ASAP. You can tell in the lower left picture that Jazz Boy is in a lot of discomfort. Terrible timing for Jazz in that his "Mom" is a victim of the many work layoffs that have occurred and cannot qualify for financing for his care. Please help us get Jazz Boy in quickly for surgery with any donation possible at http://fortheloveofalex.org/donate.html. Please type Jazz Boy in the Referred By box (if using our secure Acceptiva major credit cards/echeck page) or in the Note/Message to Seller Box (PayPal). Depending on the payment method, Paypal also asks the pet's name on the donation review page after you enter all your info. Thank you so much for your compassion. For The Love Of Alex Inc is a 501c3 charity helping pets in need of urgent or life-saving veterinary care, and the people who love them.

Here's a few words about Jazz Boy from his family:
"Jazz Boy was rescued from animal control 10 years ago when he was only 6 months old. He is an Aussie mix and neutered with all up to date shots and heartworm negative. He is very protective and loyal yet friendly with everyone including children and cats gets along easily with other dogs. He chose me and I love him with all my heart he is my best boy. Jazz loves car rides and cheese. He hates baths, but loves to play ball. He is almost 70 pounds of pure love and devotion. I hate to let him down and see him suffer like this. Any help for Jazz Boy is so much appreciated."
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