Jun 17, 2020

Cathi Perez just left the area where poor little Melanie was found wrapped in a scarf and left to die on the street 😩 We have no idea how long she was out there and as you can see, it is a very busy street ! I would like to think people just did not walk by her and do nothing 😩 Mellie’s ribs are very tender so perhaps people poked or kicked her to see if she was alive 😩 I cannot even fathom what she went through and the terror she felt HOWEVER those days are a thing of the past!

It will take Mellie some time to decompress and trust us mere humans again, however she is in the best of hands with our loving and very patient foster daddy ❤️ Our “ FOUND DOG” flyers are now posted up and down the street, our Pawboost is up and running and we have also notified the shelter. For now Mellie is safe from all harm, loved and she knows her life matters ❤️ Let the healing begin ❤️

Thank you Cathi for all you do for LNPB and animals everywhere. You are a true gift and blessing to all of us ❤️ tw, LNPB

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