Mar 16, 2019

UPFRONT AND PERSONAL ❤️Every now and then I meet a dog that impacts my life, just 7 short days ago, I met Ollie ❤ Now for those of you that have followed Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. since we began, you will agree that we have seen dogs in far worse condition then Ollie upon rescue however we are usually spared the horrific details of their past life 😞 Now here at LNPB we are no strangers to miracles and today I found myself hoping against hope for Ollie's. The rational part of me knows that Ollie does have Osteosarcoma or another form of cancer in his jaw bones and mouth and that surgery of any kind on an animal his age and in his poor physical condition is not an option, especially because they would have to remove his entire lower jaw 😞

I have always been someone who believes " everything happens for a reason" and yet since I began LNPB I cannot tell you how many times I have questioned that theory, especially today 😞 The weather was beautiful, the furs were all napping so I took some much needed quiet time to myself, sitting outside, listening and watching the birds as I sat in tears thinking about Ollie. Most times I am strong and I can handle the hard cases of abuse and neglect we see, most times, today was not one of those days 😞

Then something happened, the water in my pool began to glisten, gleam and dance and suddenly I found myself smiling as I welcomed Alley into my heart and thoughts ❤ I began to think that perhaps Ollie's miracle came in the form of him holding on long enough to be rescued. Perhaps his miracle came the moment he felt loving arms embrace him, perhaps his miracle came when he heard a tender voice and felt a gentle touch, perhaps his miracle came the moment the Doctors began to care for him and ease his pain, yes, perhaps his miracle was granted on 3/8/2019 when he finally knew he was safe from all harm, no longer alone, loved and treasured and finally, after so many days and nights of suffering, he finally knew relief from all pain and knew his life mattered ❤

Perhaps Ollie's purpose or reason to hold on was to be assured that his story would be told so that others like him may be spared the heart ache he has known. Perhaps he waited and held on this long to help us help others that are failed and forgotten find justice as we are doing for him. Perhaps Ollie's miracle has occurred in all of the above, and perhaps, just perhaps Ollie's miracle has been granted in the form of finally knowing what it is like to find love and comfort in the end ❤

Yes, most days I am strong, most days however I don't meet a little dog like Ollie, who comes along and teaches me life's 3 greatest lessons, " trust is earned, forgiveness is a given, and love, when it is truly felt from the heart, is unconditional." Perhaps, just perhaps Ollie's miracle was simply to remind and teach us that no matter how difficult life can be, never give up because there will always be an outstretched hand and loving arms to hold you, to remind you that you are never really alone and your life matters and that kindness and love, in this sometimes very cruel and heartless world, still exists ❤️❤ Perhaps, just perhaps, Ollie was OUR very own miracle right here on earth ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, mommy loves and misses you so <3

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