First thing doc said to me was “ he is the sweetest dog.

Oct 20, 2019

First thing doc said to me was “ he is the sweetest dog. He let me examine him with no issue, just so sweet and cute “ ❤️ We believe our boy Ivy, must be short for Ivan, is a Corgi and just possibly may have been used as a stud for breeding and left kenneled outside 😩 This would explain why he is not neutered AND why his Scrotum area and hind quarters are so painful 😩 This also explains why his owners “were done”, Ivy was no longer of any value to him 😩💔

Ivy has a nasty and very painful skin infection, which is overrun with yeast, and massive ear infections 😩 He has dental disease, and doc suspects a possible endocrine disorder ( hypo/hyper thyroid ). He does not have a heart murmur however there is a slight crackle in his left lung which could be from an old infection 😩 He can see and hear and of course blood work will tell us a little more about what else could be going on.

We have received an estimate of $720.38-$1,030.13, which thanks to all of you, we have covered ❤️ We have not heard back from the possible fosters, so this sweet little chubby wubby is in need of a loving foster. He is indeed 20 years old and needs a loving home where he can just spend his time resting and knowing love and kindness ❤️ If you are in the So Ca area and can open your heart and home to this sweet boy, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com. He deserves so much more then to spend his twilight years in a kennel ❤️ Tonight he can rest easy on a soft, comfy bed with a full belly knowing he is loved, safe from all harm and that his life matters ❤️ It only gets better from here little man, I promise ❤️ tw, LNPB

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