Sep 2, 2019


It has been a rough few days, and late yesterday afternoon my AC bit the dust 😩 It was blowing nothing but hot air and before I knew it, the temp in the house hit 90! The dogs were miserable so I moved us all outside where it was a cooler 75 degrees AND the mosquitos feasted on my legs and arms 😱 All on a Sunday night on a holiday weekend 😩

I frantically began searching for a 24 hour AC repair place 😱 Now everyone I called told me they could not be here until today after one! I finally found a place that would come out in 3-4 hours for a fee of $189.00 just to look at it, and at that point I didn’t care! I had also called Curtis at Air Quality and he also told me he could not come till today 😩

Now once I booked the other Co, my phone rings and it’s Curtis asking me if I found anyone and if not he could be here in 15 min AND his emergency fee was $75.00! Needless to say, I booked him and cancelled the other! OMG he was true to his word and just the nicest, kindest man ❤️

Now I asked him what changed his mind and he told me he was at home and his wife said “ but it’s so hot “ and within 30 minutes we were feeling, not cool, but COLD air! It helped that he was only 10 minutes away in the Tujunga/Sunland area 😄 Seems a fuse blow and the capacitor blew out HOWEVER he told me he could fix it and have us back up and running! He proceeded to also check everything else and replace the filter and give me a one year warrenty on parts AND labor all for the price, ( including emergency fee) of $269.00 😄

While he was here he met Pops and Rambo and when I showed him the before pics of Rambo, I swear I saw him well up ❤️ We then got to talking about LNPB , his little doggie and the people that bring harm to God’s precious little living creatures ❤️ If you are in the Los Angeles, Ca area AND are having issues with your AC , Curtis is THE MAN to call and don’t forget to mention you were referred to him by Toby at LNPB 😄 Service was GREAR, fast, accurate and he is just the nicest man ❤️ Oh when he left I asked him to please thank his wife ❤️ tw, LNPB

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