Dec 6, 2018

FOSTER NEEDED IN THE SO CA AREA 😩 Sadly, as hard as we all try, sometimes things just don’t work out 😩 The good news however is that all of our rescues will never again see the inside of a shelter ❤️ Freeway Rose was just not adjusting to her foster home where there is another dog and we never, ever want our rescues to fail or have any of our fosters' pets harmed in any way 😩

Now Freeway was fine with other dogs at the vets and we are still not real clear what triggered her or what all her issues were at her foster home, (they loved her and tried so hard for which we are grateful, ) so Freeway is now back in the care of The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks where she is safe and still undergoing treatment ❤️

Freeway is in need of a new foster, preferably one who is experienced with large dogs and perhaps a home where Freeway can be the only pet and relax ❤️ If you are in the local Los Angeles, Ca and surrounding area and can open your heart and home this holiday season to help us continue to help her, please email info@leavenopawsbehind.com

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