Aug 30, 2019

Frank here. Just wanted to share a little tribute I made for Chauncy and my mom. A little story: Chauncy was rescued by me on 6/11/2011. I was volunteering at the Baldwin Park Shelter as a photographer taking pictures of their dogs to network on social media. One of the volunteers came to me and said they had a small dog that was so scared and they couldn't get him out of his kennel so I could take his picture.

I went into his kennel and just sat down cross legged. Eventually he saw my lap as a safe space, and slowly crawled over and sat in it. I sat there with him slowly petting him. Eventually I was able to carry him over to where we were taking his pictures. I got his picture, but he was so frightened. All he wanted to do was sit in my lap. We had another volunteer photographer offer to finish taking pictures, and I just sat in the middle of the photoshoot with Chauncy in my lap. (His name was Champ at the time, but that just didn't suit him). I called my wife, showed her a picture, and said "he chose me". We were fostering often at the time, and we had 3 senior dogs (we were only allowed 3 at the time). So we fostered him in the hopes that he could decompress and come out of his shell at our house. You know the rest...

Every time I have seen him over the last 8 years, I would always sit down cross legged, and he would always come over and sit in my lap and snuggle in. I love you little man. You are missed. Tell Smidge, Roxy, and Tully (the dogs we had at the time I brought him home) we love them.

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