Jul 17, 2022

From our house to yours, we are wishing you all a very peaceful and relaxing Sunday ❤️


In the beginning of May my son came to visit to me. He knew I was struggling with the isolation, knowing I no longer drive due to failing eyesight, being alone and being a little unnerved about someone breaking into my neighbor's home right across the street ☹ I always felt safe with my Rambo and when he was gone everything changed for me. He started out by saying "Me and Laurie have been talking about this for some time, we worry about you being so alone and we would like for you to come and live with us. We can sell both houses and buy one big one and you will never again have to feel so alone or worry. You are still vibrant and in good health and still have so much time to enjoy your life, family and friends and we are building an office just for you at the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic . Mom, rest assure that should the day ever come when you slow down, you will never have to worry, we are all here to take care of you."

My first reaction was to break down in tears and if there was ever any doubt my son loved me, in that split second it was gone. It took some real soul searching as this was a huge, major life decision however the thought of never being alone again, never missing a holiday, birthday or special event with them won out plus, him being the heir to my estate, I got to pass it on to him and his family, sparing them the heart ache of having to clear out everything and I get to watch them enjoy it ❤️

We put both homes on the market at the right time and both were in escrow in less than a week. We began our search and found the most incredible home that we all fell in love with and the rest is history ❤

The adjustment for me was a little hard at first however they made me feel so wanted and more importantly, needed. My son came on the day of my move to help with last minute moving stuff and when the movers were done and it was time to leave, with tears in his eyes, he hugged me and said " welcome home" ❤ I remember also, Quin, who was working, texted me and asked " Nana can you please stay up until I get home?" Well I did and the minute he came through the door he gave me the biggest and longest hug I had ever received and any doubts I ever had were gone ❤

As a parent you always wonder if you did too much, too little or enough and I don't think the feeling ever leaves until the day your child takes you in his arms and says " welcome home mom, it's now time for me to help take care of you, I love you" ❤ tw, LNPB

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