Oct 13, 2018

Good morning all! Every now and then we have one or two trouble makers who sneak on to the page from time to time to either " bully, berate, belittle and/or become belligerent 😞 You know the type, they don't donate, they don't share, they never have anything nice to say and they just come on from time to time to aggravate all of us 😞 Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. is, and always will be, all about the animals and only the animals. We want all of you to feel safe while visiting this page and we will not tolerate any nonsense. This page is very heavily monitored, however every now they slither in and for that we apologize. Once we find them though, and if they continue their behavior, they are banned. Thanks for understanding and for your continued love, support and all you do for the animals ❤ tw, LNPB