Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤

Jan 1, 2022

Good morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR ❤

Well here we are celebrating the first day of a brand new year. Perhaps you will spend it taking the much needed time to relax, read a good book, begin a new daily journal or watching the parade. Perhaps you will spend the day with family and good friends talking about your goals and aspirations for this new year. Perhaps you will spend it cleaning out clutter and making a clean path so you can start fresh with no obstacles in your way. Perhaps you will call an old friend you have not spoken to or seen for many years or maybe you will take a walk, smiling and saying hello to your neighbors as you pass them by. Perhaps you will catch up on those old movies or perhaps you will treat yourself to a gourmet coffee, tea or even a hot fudge sundae!

Perhaps you will do all of the above or perhaps you will do nothing at all. Perhaps your day will be spent on the couch, surrounded by your "furs" basking in all their love and attention and vice versa. Perhaps your mind will drift off to the possibility of adding an addition or two to your family of "furs" or perhaps you will ponder how you could help our four legged friends by volunteering at a shelter, fostering to help save a life, cross posting or donating to your favorite rescue. Or perhaps you will simply spend this day as I will, giving thanks and gratitude for the many blessings in your life, your continued good health, your long time friends, your loving family, and last but not least, your devoted pets.

Perhaps this day you will spend being grateful for the simple abundance in your life and realize that it is the perfect beginning to whatever will unfold into a wonderful and happy New Year ♥ Perhaps, just perhaps, you will realize that today is the day you will realize just how beautiful and kind you are and that you too make a difference in so many lives, including mine ❤ Happy New Year my friends! ❤ tw, LNPB

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