Mar 16, 2019

” We may not have been blessed to be there for the beginning of your life’s journey sweet Ollie, however we all here right beside you today. You are safe from all harm, loved, no longer alone and as long as you are able to keep on going, we are going to be right here to keep on going with you because here at LNPB, your life matters ” ❤️

Good morning and Happy Saturday ❤️ Ollie was a real trooper yesterday ❤️ His biopsy is complete and results will be back in 3-5 business days. The radiologist requested a few more chest x ray images to confirm whether or not he has a very small spot on his lungs 🙏 Once we receive the biopsy report we will begin a treatment plan. Ollie is a happy boy, he is alert and eating like a champ ❤️ I will be visiting him this weekend and once we know what we are dealing with and formulate a treatment plan, he will be heading home to our loving foster mommy and daddy ❤️ Hey Alley, your old mom could sure use a #pocketfulofMiracles right about now ❤ #justiceforOllie

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