Jan 11, 2019

WOOOHOOO WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL! Thank you to everyone who donated to help us continue to help Gramps ❤️ tw, LNPB

GRAMPS NEEDS YOUR HELP! We rescued Gramps on a " Good Sam " Wednesday and we just knew there was no " real owner" searching for him 😩 Gramps came to us with urine stains on his feet and little legs and urine scalds on his pee pee area and he was covered and matted in dried feces and we suspect that this little codger was used as a breeder and kept in a cage 😞 He is not 18-19, he is more like 13-14 and has no lower jaw, maybe a tooth or 2 in his head, not neutered, so skinny, cataracts and he has a huge hernia 😞 The good news is his blood work came back GREAT, his heart sounds good, he is a happy little fella enjoying all the love, freedom and attention our loving foster is giving him AND the best news of all is he is now OFFICIALLY a Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. family fur member ❤

We received an estimate of $ 401.47- $759.80 which includes his neuter and removal of the hernia AND if there are any teeth left in that sore and extremely diseased mouth of his, they will be extracted 😞 We still have $200.00 left in his kitty so we are shy $550.00 to continue to help sweet Gramps ❤ No amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible ❤


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