Jan 10, 2020

Happy Friday and two of the longest, most stressful weeks LNPB RESCUVERSARIES from Alfie ❤️ LOOK AT THAT LIL TAIL GO ❤️ He is doing great AND is ready to go home ❤️ Surgery is a ways off and in the near future they will aspirate the hemotoma to see if it is cancerous. Now sadly Alfie’s foster mommy has some work to do on her back yard wall/fence before we can safely place him there 😩 He is energetic and being a puppy which stresses out the Doc because he has to remain a little quiet so as not to disturb the mass 🙏 This means that where ever we place him has to have a calm and quiet home with very mellow or no animals.

He loves other doggies and he is feeling so good and just wants to play, bless his little heart ❤️ We will be working on getting him into a loving home this weekend ❤️ In just two weeks this little fella went from being on the brink of death to waggin’ his tail and enjoying his gift of life and love ❤️ We literally brought him back to life by taking 24 hours at a time and giving him every chance possible with the best of medical care at TrueCare for pets and The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks❤️ We never gave up on him and he never gave up on us ❤️

There is a reason “ Toby is hard to get rid of “ and Alfie, like so many of our “ doomed to die “ rescues are so grateful ❤️ It’s how we roll right here at LNPB ❤️ tw, LNPB

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