HAPPY ONE WEEK Leave No Paws Behind, Inc.

Jan 4, 2020

HAPPY ONE WEEK Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. RESCUVERSARY Alfie! You weren't easy HOWEVER you sure were worth it ❤

One week ago today we met and rescued a little dog named Alfred. We had no idea what was wrong with him, we just knew we had to help. We would very quickly discover he had a bleeding disorder and that his platelets registered “ ZERO” 😩 Now Alfie was pretty sick, the Drs were not hopeful HOWEVER Alfred had a secret weapon 🤗

Alfie had a VOICE and that voice was determined to be heard. He would go on to worry all involved in his care yet somehow I looked passed the lumps, the sores, the obvious medical issues and searched his eyes. His eyes were begging me to please help and not give up or give in. The rest my friends in history ❤️ His platelets went from ZERO to 182k without the help of a transfusion. Luck? Prayer? Excellent medical care? Well let’s think about it for a minute 😃

Alfie had luck on his side because he was rescued by LNPB and we are no strangers to cases like his. We asked for prayers, I prayed for guidance and our prayers were answered. Hands down, Alfie had the BEST MEDICAL TEAM around and once Alfie’s voice was heard, asking only to take 24 hours at a time, here we are today ❤️

Now he still has issues, he has an infection running rampant in his system that has everyone baffled and every test taken ruled out what he didn’t have yet did not identify what he does has! To sum it all up, Alfie had the most amazing team of Drs, the best army of supporters, generous donors and someone fighting for him who is “ hard to get rid of “ 😊

Once Alfie gets stronger, we will remove that nasty spleen, until then he continues to be treated and very soon will be heading home to our loving foster home where he will be treated like a king ❤️ Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Alfie knows , no matter what, he is loved, he is not alone and that his life matters ❤️ That is what rescue truly is all about here at Leave No Paws Behind and how your donations are at work ❤️ tw, LNPB

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