Nov 2, 2019

Happy Saturday ❤️ Ryleigh is such a sweet girl, you can tell that at some point in her life she was loved ❤️ I don’t believe everyone that surrenders a dog is bad 😩 I do believe that some people fall on hard times and can’t afford to treat their pets and I think, sadly, that was Ryleigh’s fate as I don’t believe her family was moving at all 💔

Dogs like Ryleigh, Rambo and so many others we have seen, had homes, they had people that loved them, trust me we can tell the difference. Some had beloved humans who died and family turns them in and some are to ashamed to admit they cannot afford to care for them, and, make no mistake, some are just heartless 😩 I personally could never, ever abandon my furs however I realize some feel they have no options 😩

LNPB wants to help those that truly love their animals stay together, we are not only offering another option, we are offering a solution to high cost medical care for pets, so stay tuned for our very special announcement in this up coming week ❤️

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