Sep 4, 2021

Happy Saturday ❤️ We met and rescued a very sad and desponded Simba 30 days ago. His intake photo was heartbreaking, he was scheduled to die within hours due to lack of medical care needed for his injuries. We would soon learn the extent of those horrific injuries which included strangling/choking, kicking, broken ribs and a clean, deep slash, knife or blade, across his neck 💔

In spite of it all, Simba, who at 8 years old, had absolutely no reason to ever trust another human being again, is thriving, healing and one of the most grateful, loving and kind little dogs I have ever met ❤️ Somehow he knew, and trusted that our amazing, kind, gentle and life saving DVM, Alison Hoffman, along with our equally loving and life saving staff at the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic, were there to help him ❤️

Today this happy little fella, who was staring in the eyes of death, is living the dream with the promise of so many tomorrows knowing he is so loved, safe from all harm and that his life matters because here, at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc., we never stopped believing in the power of prayer and the magic that lies in every day ordinary little miracles ❤️

Thank you again to everyone who donated to help us continue to help Simba and for your continued love, support and everything you do for the animals ❤️ tw, LNPB #happyfeet

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