Jul 23, 2020

Happy Thursday from sweet Princess ❤️ She is one of the most loving and gentle little dogs ❤️ She has had a rough couple of days looking sad and having tummy upset 😩 Now her blood work is PERFECT as is her heart so we have just been puzzled as to what was going on with her!

As you can see, today she is doing better! We let Cathi Perez take her back home last night and one more time, Cathi’s loving ways brought her back to life ❤️ She was exhausted, more then likely fraught with fear or anxiety, and last night she slept, which was more then likely, her most restful and peaceful sleep in awhile ❤️

She has eaten, taken her meds, napped a little more and soon we she will heading off to one of our most loving, gentle and kindest foster daddy’s ever ( Cathi’s male counterpart ) ❤️ Sometimes all they need is to feel safe, secured and love, the best medicine ever ❤️

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