Happy Tuesday ❤️ Look who is ALL SMILES😄😄😄 In spite of Nicky’s horrendous past, today this girl knows she is

Aug 27, 2019

Happy Tuesday ❤️ Look who is ALL SMILES😄😄😄 In spite of Nicky’s horrendous past, today this girl knows she is safe from all harm, loved and she will NEVER AGAIN want for food or fresh water because she knows that right here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. , her life matters ❤️

Nicky, 13 years old and a mere 33 pounds, is severely emaciated , to see her frail little frame would render you in a puddle of tears 😩 Now our beloved and amazing VMD Missy Achenbach from The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks was certain Nicky was suffering with a chronic disease 😩 How could you not look at this poor dog and not think that, even we believed she was at the end of her life and were preparing ourselves for the worst 😩 Her blood work came back “ unremarkable”, her liver and kidneys are fine, her urine analysis and fecal were also fine, now her HCT level was extremely low indicating severe anemia 😩

Keep in mind Nicky was INFESTED with blood sucking ticks and fleas for who knows how long AND from her appearance when her owners brought her in, she was obviously tossed outside and left to die 😩 The temps here in So Ca have been in the triple digits, can you imagine what she went through with no food or water? Her teeth are worn down, more then likely from chewing on rocks and God knows what else, out of pure hunger 😩 Still the Doc had reservations so we ran more tests and X Rays and guess what? They were all normal 😄

Now we are no strangers to intentional starvation, we remember Hope, who was before TPD’s time, so I filled in the missing pieces to Nicky’s puzzle, to which Dr replied “ But Hope was young” to which I replied “ Hope was 12”. She then said “ I still think there is something else going on but I suppose it could be starvation “ 😩 There are no masses, no tumors, no heart murmurs, her chest and lungs are clear HOWEVER I totally understand the Doctors position that “ there must be something else”, we were there 4 years ago with Hope 😩

The thought that ANYONE could intentionally starve an animal and sit back and watch it slowly die is reprehensible 😡 yet we have been down this road before 😩 Nicky will be going home tomorrow and just like Hope, she will be on a special diet which will require several feedings a day. Just like Hope, Nicky is on medication for her crippled and painful little bones along with treatment for her anemia. She will return to the Vets on Sat to retest her HCT level and, just like Hope, we will be filing charges and seeking justice for Nicky ❤️ Thank you to everyone who donated to help us continue to help this sweet dog ❤️ Her journey to recovery will be a long and worrisome one however, just like Hope, her spirit and will to live is strong and one day at a time, paw in hand, we will be right along side of her ❤️ Nicky is by no means out of the woods and needs your continuous prayers, she will remain in hospice care as a forever foster here at LNPB ❤ It only gets better from here sweet girl ❤️ tw, LNPB

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