Happy Tuesday ❤️ Today is a big and exciting day!

Jul 26, 2022

Happy Tuesday ❤️ Today is a big and exciting day! Two years ago I watched from afar my dream become a reality when we opened the doors to the Leave No Paws Behind Veterinary Clinic. Two long years I stayed behind the scenes as I watched and guided the most amazing team of people pull it all together and make it work!

Today I am stepping out from “behind the curtain” and meeting and congratulating all of them for helping me and Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. help so many pets stay out of the shelters and in their loving homes! Today I get to see our expansion and construction in action as we continue to find new ways to continue to help people and pets everywhere ❤️

Today I get to finally see the finished product and celebrate our “ People, Helping People, Helping Paws” program doing what we do best, saving lives and helping people ❤️ Today, with mask in place and following all of the Clinics COVID policies we have had in place since day one, I get to celebrate and thank all of them for a job well done ❤️ Today I get to physically see my dream in action and who knows, maybe I will see you there ❤️ Stay tuned for lots of photos! ❤ tw, LNPB

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