Aug 26, 2022


They have taught me the power that lies within unconditional love.

They have taught me the compassion that lies within forgiveness.
They have taught me the tolerance that lies within true understanding.

They have taught me the patience that lies within listening.

They have taught me the joy and the happiness that lies within sharing and making time for loved ones.

They have taught me the wisdom that lies within living, aging and learning from life's little mistakes.

They have taught me the strength and the courage that lies within the face of adversity. They have taught me the importance of living one day at a time, never taking anyone or anything for granted.

They have taught me the gratitude that lies within each and every kind and loving deed. Most importantly, they have taught me that time waits for no one and that every moment of every day we are gifted is a true blessing and a gift to be treasured.

Yes, they have taught me all of the above and so much more and though I may falter from time to time in life and may not be the perfect person they believed me to be, thanks to them, I am a much better person today. They will always be my dogs, a true gift and blessing in my life, and every day was and is, one of celebration, and I will always love them ❤ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley, Chauncy, Alfie, Rambo and Pops, you taught me so well and oh how I love and miss you so ❤

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