Apr 8, 2019

He just knows when mom had a rough day ❤️ Rambo is one of our many LNPB miracles over the years and this boy pays his gift of life and love forward everyday ❤️ He was lying on his bed and rolled over as if inviting me to join him for some cuddle time ❤️ He could sense mom was sad and he wanted to help ❤️ I don’t know what his past life was like all I know is that since we were blessed with him, he is the perfect dog. He is constantly at my side and when I am getting ready for bed he lays down on the floor beside the bed. The minute I turn off my phone and shut off the light and he knows I am snuggled in for the night, he gets up and goes to his bed ❤️ Nobody ever said rescue was easy however moments like this, when a rescue animal expresses his love and gratitude and gives back, well my friends that’s what keeps us doing what we do ❤️

Animals are one of the greatest gifts in our lives and not a day goes by where I don’t give thanks for my three blessings. This has been a very heart breaking month here at LNPB and my 3 fur sons have been a true God send ❤️ They are my dogs, a true gift and blessing in my life, and I love them ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angel Alley, thanks for being there to welcome Butters home ❤️ Mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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