He was surrendered to the shelter in June of 2017 and his owner requested he be euthanized 😩 When I called to inquire

Nov 26, 2019

He was surrendered to the shelter in June of 2017 and his owner requested he be euthanized 😩 When I called to inquire about him, the shelter told us he was aggressive and that no one could approach him and they were going to PTS 😩 Now right then and there I thought “there is no way we can take a big aggressive dog”, however there was something about him, something in his eyes that kept pulling me back to his intake photos and I knew I just could not let him die without fighting for him.

His skin looked burnt, his ears were crusted, red, bloody and burnt and I could not stop thinking about the pain he must have been in. He could barely open his eyes so I called the shelter and told them, on the very day that was to be his last here on earth, that Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. was coming to get him. Now here was the deal, they could not release him if they could not vaccinate him AND nobody would go into his kennel. I asked the medical tech to go to his kennel and talk to him, I asked her to please look in his eyes and tell him “ someone cares, someone wants to help” and without hesitation she hung up the phone, went into his kennel, vaccinations in hand, and the rest is history ❤️

His name is Rambo, he was 9 years old and suffering with a horrible autoimmune disease and his owner said he could not afford treatment. He would go on to spend 8 months in the hospital under intense medical care with VMD Missy Achenbach and the entire staff at The Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks. His condition caught the eye of the renowned DVM John Angus from Animal Dermatology Clinic Pasadena who offered and donated his services to consult on Rambo’s case. Rambo got worse before he got better however we never gave up on him and he never gave up on us ❤️

In Feb of 2018 he was ready to go to foster, he had/has many restrictions and medication that he will have to be on the rest of his life. Sadly no one was stepping up and one day Missy said to me “ he would be perfect with you! You would make sure he got his medicines daily and you would adhere to his restrictions. “ He needed a home, he needed love, he needed me and truth be told, I needed him ❤️

This Thanksgiving as I give thanks for the many blessings in my life, Rambo, now 11 years old, will be right there by my side ❤️ He is the most loving and gentle dog and he instantly became the protector of his new little family. He alerted me one day that Popcorn was in trouble, he was relentless and when I followed him I found Pops had gotten his paw caught in his bandana and was choking 😩 Rambo knew, he never gave up, he saved his life and they have been the best of buds ever since ❤️

I never thought I could open my heart to another “ big dog” after I lost Alley, I am not too proud to admit I was wrong ❤️ Rambo is amazing, he never leaves my side, he loves people and adores my son and grandson who helped him heal while he was in the hospital, they never forget ❤️ Little did I know that June day in 2017 two lives were about to be changed forever ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving Rambo, and thanks for trusting and believing in us ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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