I Want To Help But I Can't

Sep 29, 2019

Here at Leave No Paws Behind, Inc. we get asked quite often " why do you not foster or adopt out of state?" Well the answer is quite simple, our animals first and foremost are not healthy or strong enough to withstand travel. If you follow LNPB you know that we specialize in senior animals, most who are at the end of their life and all who have special and on going medical needs. We have trusted volunteers who do home checks, and meet and greets to assure our animals will be in a safe environment and we have policy and procedures in place to protect them. We would never, ever place any one of our animals in harm's way or risk their health at any time and we never, ever want any of our animals to end up back in the shelters any where at anytime. LNPB continues to pay for their medical care and continues to have them vetted and we require frequent updates, photos and check ups. Our first and foremost priority is, and always will be, the well being and safety of our animals ❤

Yes we could probably double or triple our numbers of rescues if we allowed out of state adoptions/fosters HOWEVER it has never been about the quantity of animals we can rescue, it has, and always will be, about the quality of life and medical care we can give them as long as we are blessed with them while they remain in our care ❤ There are so many ways you can help LNPB if you are not in our area, donating, sharing , fostering in your home state and networking among the most important. LNPB is based in So Ca and we rescue from high kill shelters in the Los Angeles, Ca and surrounding areas and we promise them a better life, we promise them a safe life and most importantly, we promise them, that no matter what, we are always only a heart beat away from them ❤ tw, LNPB


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