Leave No Paws Behind | Rescuing Senior and Last Chance dogs in Southern California

Apr 9, 2015

Here at LNPB, after 4 years, we are so excited to be realizing our dream of opening our 1st LNPB Giving the Gift of Life Rescue Center on May 9, 2015! Even more exciting is the fact that we will be next door neighbors to our amazing DVM's at East Valley Veterinary Clinic/Mark Hohne DVM AND our favorite gal pals at Rita's Grooming ! The total cost to operate our center, which includes our rent, utilites etc comes to approximately $750.00 a month!!!! YES we got a great deal on our operation!!! We would like to establish a Recurring Monthly Rescue Center fund for at least the 1st year we are in operation! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! If you can commit to 1 year of a monthly donation to help us help them, please click on the link and sign up under the "monthly donation box with the amount you would like to donate!

We can do this with 75 Villagers committing to a tax deductible $10.00 each or 38 Villagers committing to $20.00 each or 30 Villagers committing to $25.00 each or 50 Villagers committing to $ 15.00 each or 150 Villagers committing to $5.00 each or any of the mentioned variations! If you would like to become a part of the new LNPB Giving the Gift of Life Rescue Center and help us continue to help them, please sign up today and note it is for the Rescue Center! ! Thank you for your continued love and support and for all you do for the animals! <3 tw,LNPB


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