May 8, 2013

Here at LNPB our tails never stop waggin'. I got to thinking last night about how we continue to help those that are more oft than not, left behind and forgotten, our precious seniors. As you are all aware, we specialize in seniors and animals with special medical needs and most times step up in the 11th hour when all hope is gone of the animal being rescued. Time after time and probably 9 out of every 10 animals we rescue have serious medical needs that require attention and of course $$$$. Here at LNPB we do not believe that all pet humans are monsters and we try to understand the "why" of how they land up alone and hurting on a cold shelter floor. As many of you are aware, medical costs and treatments for our beloved pets is far from cheap and while I do believe in the over all goodness of people, I chose to continue to believe that most seniors and animals with grave medical needs are taken to the shelters because their humans believe they have no other options AND the myth that the shelters will do the right thing by the animal. Well sadly we all know how that story ends and we also know that our shelter systems are over crowded, under funded and that as hard as we try, there are only so many rescues that can help. Our dream has always been to have a facility where we could help more animals however even with that, there are only so many that can be helped. The problem as we see it here at LNPB day in and day out, is the cost of medical care for our beloved senior and at times younger family members and sadly these loving families may not have anyplace to turn. We have low cost spay and neuter clinics which are a God send to us but what about a low cost medical clinic for those who qualify for this very needed service? We would love nothing more than to keep a beloved family together, even at the end when these precious animals need their loved ones the most. Just a thought that LNPB will begin to process and reach out for ideas and help as we continue to work day in and day out to Leave No Paws Behind. <3 tw, LNPB

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