Here at LNPB we do what we do not for the glory but because their life matters.

May 7, 2013

Here at LNPB we do what we do not for the glory but because their life matters. I remember when I inquired about this sweet girl and they were telling me all of her issues and the woman apologized because she could not pronounce all the big medical terms let alone understand them! I told her it was ok and that she did not have to read me the notes because it didn't matter to us. We just wanted to know if she was available and if we could come pick her up. When we did get to the shelter the officer there asked if we were taking her and when we answered yes he leaned over and said "thank you and God bless". He saw our shirts and asked if that' was our org and the little gal behind the computer piped up and said "yes they are Leave No Paws Behind and they save the animals that no one wants and they help them if possible. If they are beyond help they give them a loving farewell." I must admit tears came to my eyes at this sweet woman's kind words and appreciation. Tonight as I was speaking with both Doctors' about Maggie Mae my main concern is of course her level of pain. I told them I will be down tomorrow with Happy meals and fries and I will take her out in the sun and play or she can just lay in my arms if she wants and that at this point we are taking one day at a time. Dr Hart lovingly told me that "we do not have all the answers. By all scientific findings this sweet dog should be barely moving and yet she is lively and sweet as can be so Toby bring her a quarter pounder." She also commended me, as both she and Dr Hohne have done many times, for the work we do in rescue for these poor helpless animals. I told her it's so hard for me at times because I will see these animals that obviously have major medical issues and it's so hard to leave them behind knowing their fate at the shelter. From time to time, as you are all aware, LNPB gets "fired on" by some who I guess cannot understand why we do what we do. Well our answer is quite simple, "we do what we do not for the glory, certainly not for the money and most importantly not to rescue them and have them immediately PTS. We do what we do because we care and because their lives matter. We do what we do and will continue to do what we do until those that do what they do to these sweet and precious animals cease to be. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support because at the end of the day, we could not do what we do without all of you. <3 tw, LNPB

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