May 15, 2019

“ Hey mommy did you hear the great news “ ❤️ The results are in and it appears that Pop’s liver is enlarged , his enzymes are elevated and he has a small nodule on his liver which they are not concerned with right now. He suffers with IBS and chronic pancreatitis which is extremely painful, he is being treated with Budesonide which more then likely is exasperating his issue with his liver so they will be decreasing his dosage, changing his diet and rechecking in 3 weeks 😄

While it is not great news, it is good news and hopefully over the next few weeks we will see some improvement 🙏 He is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and he is constantly smiling and truly is the happiest dog on earth ❤️ Hopefully we will start to see some relief and healing over these next few weeks 🙏❤️

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