Jul 18, 2012

Hi guys! I need your help with a share. First let me say, don't think you're too far away to have to share this...you have no idea how many NYer's are on your page. You never know who you'll reach! There's a rescue in upstate NY (Pine Bush...about an hour and a half from NYC) called Second Chance Farm. They mostly rescue cats, but have horses and chickens (Rescued from slaughter), as well. They have 20-30 cats and kittens at any given time. Plus, they personally own 3 Pitties (Who get along fine with the cats!). They aren't asking for money, but for adoptions. Their house is full. As soon as they adopt one out, along comes a new one who's terribly sick or on the brink of death. Autumn is spending so much time taking care of the sick ones, that the healthy ones are starving for attention. They NEED homes! Autumn actually has to rehome one of her own cats just to make room. She's heartbroken, but the kitty is moving in with her BFF, so at least she'll get to visit all the time. When she's not working 12 hour shifts. And battling MS. And trapping ferals that no other rescues could be bothered with. But she shouldn't have to get rid of her own baby. But she won't turn away an animal in need. And she won't kill an animal because it's sick and will take too much work. She has unadoptables, like the cat who's missing a heart valve!
Please take the time to copy this, that I've written, LIKE AND SHARE THEIR PAGE, and paste this into the WRITE SOMETHING section. Thank you soooo much! And tell them Lysa sent you :)

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