May 16, 2019

His story was tragic and one that will never be forgotten 💔 His name was Ollie, he was adopted out during “free adoption weekend”, he left in good health and after only six months he was in the worst physical condition we have seen 💔 He was emaciated, he had maggots eating away at his chest and he was riddled with cancer 😩

Ollie, in spite of everything he endured, was such a sweet and loving dog and in the all too short of time he was with us, he was so grateful for the time he had that was filled with only love and kindness ❤️ We promised Ollie we would get justice and we are not backing down! We keep inquiring and we keep getting the same response “ we are not allowed to discuss” 😡

Well we are Ollie’s voice, we will no longer remain silent and we will not go away nor will we ever forget! We will move the mountains needed to seek #justiceforOllie and we will not rest until justice is served 💔 Stay tuned as we begin to launch our #justiceforOllie petition! tw, LNPB

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