Feb 10, 2020

I could never express in mere words how much this little whirling dervish means to me and the lessons I have learned from him over these last 6 years ❤️ The first nine years of his life were horrendous, he was kicked, he was beaten and God knows what else 😩 In spite of it all, the very first time I met him, he captured my heart ❤️ He whirled and twirled, hugged me with his little urine stained paws, his half nose was snorting and snotting away with excitement and in that moment , he had me ❤️

This dog lives life to the fullest, each new day is a new beginning for him, he never looks back, he doesn’t worry about tomorrow, he lives in the moment that is before him and he truly has mastered that age old “ secret to living a good and happy life.” ❤️ Popcorn takes nothing for granted and he is so forgiving and trusting, he has taught me the meaning of courage in the face of adversity, the power and freedom that lies in forgiveness and the blessings and gift that lie in the true meaning of unconditional love ❤️

I only saw Popcorn sad and sullen one time, the day he lost his BFF Chauncy 💔 He actually was lost, lonely and he cried and whimpered for days, oh my heart ached for him 💔 He adored Chauncy and the loss just knocked the wind right out of his sails 😩 It took some time and a lot of hugs and gentleness until this boy came back to life. He loves hard and big and he gives his heart so freely and the pain and anguish I watched him go through just snapped my heart in two 💔

At 15 years old, he truly is the happiest dog on earth and my life is so blessed with him by my side, each and every day with him is a gift that I treasure. To merely say I love him would be an understatement, he means the world to me ❤️ He is my dog, my heart light, my teacher in life and oh how I just adore him ❤️ Happy 6 years little man, you truly make a difference in my life and we both got lucky 6 years ago today, you are Oscar worthy ❤️ tw, LNPB

Good night sweet angels Alley and Chauncy, mommy loves and misses you so ❤️

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