Aug 29, 2019

I just got off the phone with the Doc. Chauncy pulled through the night and he ate about a handful of kibble, although Doc told me not to rush out and buy it 😩Doc also told me he had left his little carrier, which has his favorite blankie, in his kennel and he slept in their all night, it’s his little safe spot ❤️ We suspect his liver is the culprit and it is shutting down and I will not try to fool myself into believing we have lots of time 💔 He is losing weight and body mass, he is fragile, he is sick and he is tired 💔

The best I can do is be grateful that I have today and that I can bring him home to be with me and the boys so we can lavish him with love and attention ❤️ Chauncy is holding on for me, I know him better then anyone, and I will reassure him that, though my heart will shatter in a million pieces, I will understand if he must let go 💔

The last and final unselfish act we can do for our animals is to release them, give them permission to go on to be well and whole again so their suffering is gone. When we welcome them into our hearts, we promise them we will keep them safe and we promise them , when that time comes, we will be strong and release their little bodies from disease and pain. On days like today I wish I was someone that never kept their promises 💔

We have had a great run, he has been my rock for 8 years, today, through rivers of tears, I will be his ❤️ Thank you all for your prayers and words of tendeness and love, they mean the world to me ❤️ tw, LNPB

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